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"Knowledge" of Artificial Grass Turf
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What are the top "knowledge" for an artificial grass turf career?

1, PP fibrillated & monofilament

In the coating process, the adhesion of the glue will decrease the pulling force due to the monofilament shape. Therefore, in the national standard, the pulling force standard of the two kinds of grass yarn is also different. The standard of monofilament is lower. But because the appearance of monofilament seems more natural simulation, so many users like it. But now, the cost of monofilament is higher, and the cost of PP fibrillated is lower. So how to choose is according to the primary needs of owners. These two forms of products can satisfy the needs of owners.

2, PP & PE

PP is used in the campus for the laying of the runway. People in the industry often think that PP is more wear-resistant because of the higher hardness of the grass yarn material. In fact, the wear-resisting function of PE is better than that of PP.The use of PP materials should be minimized.

3. Competition between imported grass & domestic grass

Up to now, there are still many businessman think that imported grass is better than domestic grass. But it is not.In fact, up to now, many well-known domestic enterprises have gone abroad and broken many technical barriers in the world. And it can also compete with foreign brands in overseas shopping malls. We should use quality specifications to set and measure comparisons.

4, grass yarns color

The idea that the darker the color, the better the quality, there isnt any basis. In fact the color depth depends on the color masterbatchs depth and quality has nothing to do. The grasss life is mainly related to the quality and quantity ratio of anti-UV additives. And more and more foreign market bullish on light color fastens. matte artificial grass turf are getting better in foreign stores.

5, the color of the bottom cloth

Some people put forward that green bottom cloth is the bottom cloth of environmental protection. But only based on the color is green, on the conclusion of environmental protection is a big myth. In fact, if the base cloth be made by green, for UV resistance function target will be declined. Unless more than the black cloth of additives deliberately. But it adds unnecessary cost on this principle. Because the base cloth in place after laid is embedded in the lower part of filling materials, whether green is completely invisible, not appreciated.

6, the authority of the test

Through the rapid development of domestic turf industry in the first 10 years, we are convinced that in the following 10 years, all the professional development will reach a new height. Domestic testing organizations, manufacturers, broad owners, and the drafting party of national norms work together to promote and promote the healthy development of China's artificial artificial grass turf market, not only to build a healthy domestic market, but also to participate in promoting the rapid development of the global occupation of artificial grass.




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