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Types and uses of artificial turf
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The types and uses of artificial turf can be divided into sports turf and leisure turf, which can be paved with all kinds of venues.

Sports types of artificial turf and uses.

1, football field artificial turf.

Artificial turf soccer field is the earliest and most widely used type sports lawn, in the Primary schools and universities, street football on the playground, commercial football fields, large sports venues, will be able to lay football field turf .

At present , football grass mostly adopts single silk and stem grass silk. This kind of grass silk has better upright, flexibility and wear resistance,  better athletic performance. Its appearance is more similar to that of real grass, it has a excellent visual effect.

2. Turf of other sports venues

In addition to the football field, the application of artificial turf has been developed for many sports venues, golf course, fitness, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, baseball, football, hockey, cricket, badminton games and grass runway, etc.



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